Lightweight and Accurate

Our MCM’s (short for “Measurement Calibration Markers”) are 1/3 the weight of ALL other radiopaque markers, making them easier to attach and reducing patient discomfort and bruising, while maintaining extremely high tolerances.

What is an MCM?

An MCM is utilized by Digital Templating Software to compensate for the enlarging shadow effect inherent within all radiographs created by the part to film (surface in DR) distance.

By measuring the increase in size produced on our MCM, which is a known and precise dimension, the software then compensates for the equal penumbra effect upon the body part. This can also be done manually. This is especially advantageous in pre-surgical planning.

Why Xemarc is Better

  • Hollow markersballs are 65% lighter than solid, making them easier to place and far less likely to displace due to patient movement.
  • Precision construction made from high strength medical grade 440A stainless steel results in ruggedness, accurate measurements, and no deformation during use or storage.
  • Marked for easy reference.

Purchase MCM balls and fixtures in two sizes


  • 25mm hollow MCM spheres
  • Stands and holders
  • Accessories

1 inch

  • 1 inch hollow MCM spheres
  • Stands and holders
  • Accessories

Stands and Accessories

Our customers know the benefits of lighter markers


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