25mm T-Lock Stand

Xemarc Part No. STA-TLOCK-25

Initially designed for the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), the T-Lock Stand was designed specifically to allow the calibration marker to be set at the height of the greater trochanter, and yet still appear within the narrow field of the radiograph. By first adjusting the MCM horizontal arm to the desired height outside of the field, locking it in place, then moving the stand to the inner thigh area where the radiograph can be taken with confidence. The marker height will not move if bumped or jarred. Made of radiolucent material, this stand has an MCM permanently attached to the end of the horizontal arm. Base id 3 x 6 inches (7.5 x 15cm). The arm length is 12 inches and the vertical height can go up to 14 inches (38cm). Marker height from the bottom of the base is 3cm minimum, and 25cm maximum. One hand (thumbscrew) operation adjusts the height of the horizontal arm.


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